Wing Chun (Beautiful Springtime)

“Do you have what it takes to fight like a girl?”

When:July 6-August 24
Every Wednesday for 8 weeks at WNY Karate Center
Price $50 for all 8 weeks (no refund for missed classes)
Teacher:Sifu Mark Stoddard from the Northeast Wind Chun Association

This could be a once in a lifetime experience. Take your training to a new level. Experience what it is like to defend in close quarters, simultaneous blocks and strikes, trapping hands, sticking hands (energy and sensitivity drills), even blindfolded. Learn to better protect the center-line of your body. Learn to use biomechanics, not brute force, against your attacker. Learn where the 1″ and 3″ punches came from. Learn more about (and appreciate more) the vertical punch, Naihanchi stance and kata, and Sanchin stance and kata. Learn a whole kata (in Naihanchi stance) without taking a single step.

Limited space-Register as soon as possible!!